Monday, April 5, 2010

A Little This, A Little That

This newspaper clipping, provided by Madelon Murfee David of Destin, Florida, shows her brother, Hopson Owen Murfee III, graduating in the MMI High School Class of 1967, the 10th such Murfee to do so (the first four presidents of MMI were all Murfees).

H. O. Murfee, III, MMI High School Class of 1967, the 10th Murfee to graduate from MMI. (Credit: Madelon Murfee David, MMI Archives)

In 1965, MMI cadets in the Army ROTC aviation program completing their first solo flights, celebrated by memorializing their shirttails via their instructor, Paul J. Holsen II, MMI JC 1962.

The MMI Archives has a small collection of these shirttails from c. 1965. (Credit: MMI Archives)

Want to know why The Chapel has never had a steeple? It is not unfinished! Read on from the Alabama Historical Commission:

L1 (Credit: MMI Archives)

L2 (Credit: MMI Archives)

This is a grade report for honor student Philip H. Hammond (1884-1956), dated December 16, 1899. He was a 1907 graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

COL James T. Murfee was still the superintendent in 1899. (Credit: MMI Archives)

The Old Stagecoach Inn on the Hamburg Road near Marion, Alabama, finally collapsed about 1975. Located just across the road from the old Gus Mitchell’s Store (now closed), the Inn dated from antebellum days.

The Old Stagecoach Inn probably prior to 1975. (Credit: MMI Alumni Office, MMI Archives)

Bruce Beveridge, Jr., president of the MMI JC Class of 1950, was one of four MMI alums killed in the Korean War (1950-1953). Commander of “D” Company, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army at his graduation. His name is listed on our Korean War Memorial (he is first alphabetically) in front of the Alabama Military Hall of Honor at MMI.

B1 (Credit: 1950 Orange and Black, MMI’s yearbook; MMI Archives)

B2 (Credit: 1950 Orange and Black, MMI’s yearbook; MMI Archives