Monday, March 29, 2010

New Murfee Family Images, Part Two

Here is the second installment of new Murfee Family images courtesy of Madelon Murfee David of Destin, Florida. Again, she is the great granddaughter of James T. Murfee, MMI’s founder and first president, and the granddaughter of Hopson O. Murfee, son of James T. and the second president of MMI. All images are credited to Mrs. David, and I thank her sincerely for sharing them with the MMI Archives.

Here is the James T. and Laura O. Murfee home in Tuscaloosa in 1998. Now located at 815 17th Avenue, it was on Queen City Avenue before the streets were replated and the original property became filled with housing. Built in 1838 by Marmaduke Williams, the Owen-Murfee-Caples home has been altered and cut up into apartments to provide student housing, etc. The Murfees were married in the parlor in 1861. They lived here until 1871, when J. T. became president of Howard College in Marion. Later, they retired here.

The Prattville, Alabama, retirement home of Hopson O. and Mary McQueen Smith Murfee (“Queenie”) and their children – “the Home Place.” The house was built in 1894, and this image is from 1911. Queenie grew up here.

“The Home Place” in Prattville in 1981, showing renovations and additions done by the Sanfords, who are related to the Murfees.

Hopson Owen Murfee as a cadet officer at MMI, c. 1890 (second from left, standing).

Formal portrait of H. O. Murfee while a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

And, finally –

H. O. and “Queenie” Murfee with some of their children and grandchildren at “the Home Place” in Prattville, Alabama, 1936.