Monday, November 3, 2008

Images of Student Life, 1880s-1890s

Howard College Cadets with Old South (Lovelace Hall) in the background, c. 1880s. Note the variety of headwear including one shako, kepis, derbys (bowlers) and one straw hat (boater).

Company “B,” Howard College Cadet Corps, c. 1880s.

A cadet company, c. 1880s.

The Corps of Cadets on parade, c. 1880s.

Philomathic Hall, the earliest literary society hall, c. 1880s.

Halls for the later two literary societies at MMI, the Jefferson Society and the Franklin Society.

The “Franklins” of 1893-1894.

The Corps of Cadets on parade, 1899-1900. Note the Drum Corps in front.

The Cadet Corps in front of The Chapel in 1899-1900.

The Football Team in 1894-1895.

The Baseball Team in 1899-1900.