Monday, November 10, 2008

Glimpses from The Skirmisher, MMI’s Cadet Newspaper

It appears that The Skirmisher, the MMI cadet newspaper, goes back to at least 1920, if not earlier. The earliest newspaper (a Xeroxed copy) I have here in the Archives is from 1923, and the latest copy is from 2000. It appears that this student-run newspaper went through various changes throughout its run, from being published usually twice a month to becoming an annual issue, then back again to something approaching a bi-monthly publication, etc.

Here are some interesting tidbits from The Skirmisher through the decades:

The newspaper’s depiction of the Mess Hall in its “Annual Issue,” dated April 28, 1923!

Before the Gentleman Cadet leaves MMI on furlough in 1923…

The football schedule from the September 25, 1926 issue of The Skirmisher.

Football “fight” songs from the same 1926 newspaper.

Here is the new Editor-in-Chief of The Skirmisher for 1961-1962.

The championship college basketball team in 1972 included Nate Crawford, MMI’s first African American cadet.

Since the University of Alabama football team is currently rated No. 1 in the nation (sorry Auburn, sorry Tennessee!), I just had to bring “The Bear” back for an encore!

Celebrating the birthday of the United States Marine Corps on November 10, 1994. From the November 18, 1994, issue of the newspaper.