Monday, August 17, 2009

MMI Archives: New Donations

Ward Calhoun, Records Manager at the Lauderdale County Department of Archives and History in Meridian, Mississippi, recently donated two early MI brochures to the MMI Archives. “First Consider the Cost” and “Expert Coaching” were both produced circa 1909. I thought you would enjoy seeing some highlights.

A detail from “Officers and Faculty” of Marion Institute in the “Expert Coaching” brochure lists the father and his two sons who would become the first three presidents (superintendents) of the Institute: James T. Murfee, H. O. Murfee, and W. L. Murfee:

J. T. Murfee was the top graduate in his class at Virginia Military Institute. His two sons went to the University of Virginia. Note W. L. Murfee’s tour of the English public schools supporting MI’s “Eton of the South” plan.

This detail from the first page of “Expert Coaching” tells the story.

The list is of comparative costs to attend these top American military and preparatory schools, a number of which are closed today. It is curious that VMI, a military college, is included with the preparatory schools. J. T. Murfee?

Finally, here is the architect’s drawing of the Proposed Plan to develop the Marion Military Institute campus in 1925-1926:

South side plan.

North side plan.

Credit: All images, MMI Archives.