Monday, October 20, 2008

MMI Images, 1900-1956

The first “Fall In,” circa 1900.

The Awkward Squad, October 1st, from the 1900 MMI yearbook, The Reveille.

The 1900 Football Team with Hopson O. Murfee as team manager.

The 1914 Football Team. Note the wooden goal post!

The 1915 Baseball Team.

The 1915 Basketball Team.

A World War II-era image of the Corps of Cadets marching onto the football field at MMI.

Parking on the blacktop in front of the tree-lined Chapel from the 1949 Orange and Black, MMI’s yearbook.

A Dress Parade in the 1950s.

The Christmas Cotillion of 1952.

“C” Company during Annual Inspection, 1955-1956.

“A” Company as the Honor Squad of Field Day, 1955-1956.