Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interesting Documents (29 November 2007)

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Snapshot of Woody Sturdivant Moore and Major General Thomas H. Barfield, MMI president, on the occasion of Moore’s retirement as MMI Librarian in 1980 (she served from 1960 to 1980).

Ms. Woody Moore was a member of the First Place Team in the 1976 Parents’ Weekend Golf Tournament at MMI.

Three snapshots of the Bell Tower being put into place in 1991. With the Chapel clocks, the project cost $100,000, a donation by James M. Hamilton, MMI Class of 1930.

Anita Johnson’s home (my landlady) has a rich and diverse history. Note the references to Harvard Law School, General Sam Houston’s wedding, and of Woodrow Wilson having tea in the front parlor in 1905. (From Perry County Heritage (2 vols., 1991) by W. Stuart Harris.)

“Tara Marsh,“ the home of James G. (C.?) Reynolds on Clay Street in Marion. The Confederate artillery officer’s uniform housed in the MMI Archives belonged to Reynolds. It was donated to the Morgan’s Raiders by his daughter, Mary Felix Reynolds. No C.S.A. artillery unit has yet been identified for Second Lieutenant Reynolds. (From Perry County Heritage (2 vols., 1991) by W. Stuart Harris.)

A two page letter from Hopson Owen Murfee to Professor E. O. Lovett at Princeton University in 1903. In addition to trying to secure Henry Van Dyke to speak at MMI, Murfee is also looking for a new mathematics professor/coach for MMI. He is hoping that Lovett will help him find the right candidate. The letter is interesting as Murfee is beginning to formulate ideas for his “Eton of the South” concept for MMI. In addition to the $700 salary for the first year offered to the new professor, Murfee wants a young unmarried man who is not only competent in his field and who is a graduate of one of the leading universities, but who is also athletic and who wants to make the teaching of young men his profession. Scholarship (publications) is less desired to excellent teaching in the classroom and on the playing field.