Monday, October 29, 2007

Interesting Documents (29 October 2007)

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The 1900 All-Institute Football Team with Hopson O. Murfee as manager.

MMI faculty circa 1900 including the first three presidents of Marion Military Institute: James T. Murfee, Hopson O. Murfee, and Walter L. Murfee – a father and his sons.

Excerpt from a VMI questionnaire in which James T. Murfee states that he was offered, but declined, the presidencies of the University of Alabama, what is now Auburn University, and what is now the University of Montevallo. Murfee was president of Howard College (our predecessor) and then founder and first president of Marion Military Institute.

Transcript of James Thomas Murfee, Virginia Military Institute Class of 1853, of Southampton, Virginia. Founder and first president of Marion Military Institute, Murfee graduated first in his class at VMI and was the highest ranking cadet – the First Captain.

A letter dated July 15, 1902, from Dr. P. B. Barringer at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He is responding to H. O. Murfee’s letter regarding the success of MMI graduates at UVA.

The interior of the Chapel at MMI in the late 19th Century.

Howard College Cadets, circa late 19th Century. Note the number of Derby (Bowler) hats!